DAV (PG) College, Bulandshahr
(Affiliated to C.C.S. University, Meerut)
Vikas Bharat

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The importance of college libraries is well-known. They play a vital role in education and learning. They promote self – study and reading habits cannot be achieved. They help the without libraries educational aims students to learn and gather information independently. It generates self-confidence and self-reliance. The students remain in the college for a limited time. The rest of the day they have to read and study books on their own. A good library is a big asset for a college.

Our college library is very rich.  There are approx 67000 books in our library. There are dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, and another reference books are available in college library. They are kept nicely and in good condition. There are newspapers, magazines and periodicals are available in college library.  Students/teachers are issued books by computer. College library is fully computerized.



            Today on 26/03/2021 Government Women Postgraduate College, Badlapur, Gautam Budh Nagar organized a virtual workshop to promote digital library.  This workshop was organized by Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sharma, Associate Professor Department of Zoology.

Virtual Webinar on Digital Library


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