(ESTD. 1956)

(Affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut)

CCS University

Secretary Speaks

I feel proud that D.A.V. (P.G.) College,Bulandshahr in true sense, has always been institution of high standards and excellence and the products of the institution in future will be the premium.

Admission Guidelines

  1. No student shall be admitted in contravention of the admission rules or in excess of the number allowed under rules. The Vice-Chancellor shall have the power to cancel admission made in such contravention.
  2. No person who is history-sheeter according to the police records or has been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude shall not be given admission in the University and if already admitted, his/her admission shall be cancelled immediately after the facts of the case are known.
  3. Where it is discovered that a candidate has been punished on account of using unfair means in any examination or has been expelled from any educational institution, he/she shall not be admitted. The University has the right to cancel, at any stage, the admission of a candidate if it is discovered that he/she was not entitled to admission in accordance with the prevalent rules and regulations. Admission, at any stage, may also be cancelled if deemed fit in the interest of the University.
  4. Payment by a student of any dues shall not establish a claim to admission or re-admission.
  5. A student shall not be admitted/re-admitted to any Department of the University, if his/her conduct in the previous academic session has been unsatisfactory or if it is discovered that he/she is suffering from a disease of a nature which may be detrimental to the health of other students of the University campus.
  6. A candidate who already has anyone of the post-graduate degrees shall not be given admission for a post- graduate degree course, provided facilities to appear as a private candidate for the post graduate degree exist.
  7. In case a student seeks admission for a second post-graduate degree in a subject where facility to appear as a private candidate is not available, his/her admission may be allowed if he/she has studied that subject at the undergraduate level.
  8. No candidate shall be allowed admission to a post-graduate degree in a subject in which practical examination is a part of curriculum, unless the candidate has passed the qualifying examination with the subject.
  9. There is no fresh admission from I to II semester and from III to IV semester. No admission fee shall be charged from students in II and IV semester provided they are continuing students of the session. The name of a candidate who does not report in the class-room in the II/IV semester within seven days of the start of the semester will be struck off from the rolls of the University and his/her case will be dealt with as per rules laid down for re-admission:
  10. A student who completes his/her attendance in particular courses(s) shall not be given admission as a regular student in that semester. He/she should appear in the examination for that course(s) as an ex-student.
  11. No fresh admission shall be made in the second semester of Post graduate and M.Phil. Programmes in any subject.
  12. Inter-subject transfers will not be allowed at any stage of admission process.
  13. In case of provisional admission, if any, the candidate will be allowed to appear in the first semester examination only after the submission of the final marksheet of the degree which was incomplete at the time of admission.
  14. The use of unfair means by a candidate, detected at any stage, would lead to cancellation of his/her admission. It would also debar him/her from appearing in the admission test in future.
  15. Admission of foreign students, if selected, would be subject to a clearance from the Department Education, Ministry of HRD, and Govt. of India.
  16. Fees once deposited are not refundable under any circumstances.
  17. If the numbers of applicants/admissions are not sufficient, the admission committee with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor may decide to drop a course due to its non-viability.
  18. For all purposes decision of the Admission Committee with the approval of Vice-Chancellor shall be final and binding on each applicant.


The information contained in the Information Brochure is only for general guidance and should not be treated as legal document. It could be changed/modified from time to time by the Academic Bodies/Admission Committee/Authorities of the C.C.S. University, Meerut. It is to be noted that ignorance of any rule cannot be treated as an excuse for its breach

Principal Speaks

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. – John Dewey. I welcome you all to the official website of DAV Post Graduate College, Bulandshahr. Though I have played many roles in my professional career but the one that I hold dearest is that of an educator. More than a teacher I have been a student, learning every day from the enlightening interactions with students and teachers alike. With my more than 2 decades of association with the college I can proudly say that we have persevered and emerged victorious from many challenges, the latest being Covid-19. Today, the seeds of such a dramatic transformation in education are being planted. Prompted by massive revolutions in knowledge, information technology, and public demand for better learning. We have actively taken steps to match the pace and equip our children with the necessary tools to face any challenge. I believe a college education has profound impact on the individual’s life, which resonates through generations. We are committed to guide our students through their journey and help them in realizing their potential which will contribute to their betterment and society at large.