(ESTD. 1956)

(Affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut)

CCS University

Secretary Speaks

I feel proud that D.A.V. (P.G.) College,Bulandshahr in true sense, has always been institution of high standards and excellence and the products of the institution in future will be the premium.

Board of Management

1.  Shri Vishvanand Sharma         -	Executive President
2.  Shri Rajeev Bansal	           -	Vice President
3.  Shri Arun Kumar Garg           -	Secretary
4.  Shri Jitendra Prasad Gupta     -	Deputy Secretary  
5.  Shri Virendra Kumar Govil      -	Treasurer
6.  Shri Vishvanath Kejriwal       -	Executive Member
7.  Shri Shiv Narayan	           -	Executive Member
8.  Dr. Devendra Kumar Sharma      -	Executive Member
9.  Shri Rajkumar Agarwal          -	Executive Member
10. Shri Ashok Kumar	           -	Executive Member
11. Shri Anil Kumar Bansal         -	Executive Member
12. Shri Suraj Prakash Garg        -	Executive Member
13. Shri Vijay Veer Prasad         -	Executive Member
14. Shri Kamal Kishor Garg         -	Executive Member
15. Dr. V.D. Dubey                 -    Teacher Representative
16. Dr. Shivkant Yadav             -    Teacher Representative
17. Dr. Almaz jahan                -    Teacher Representative

Principal Speaks

Dr. Sarvapalli Radha krishnan said, “Education is the enlightenment of soul that dispels ignorance and illuminates the individual”. To quote Kofi Annan, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, “Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”. DAV P.G College, BSR has been an exciting ground of scientific creativity and intellectual innovation and has continued its tradition of imparting education since 1957. We are committed to advancing academic excellence and have a dedicated focus to educate our students for the kind of future that is humane, tolerant, enlightened and inspirational. We offer a wide variety of programs, including Bachelor’s and Master’s in Arts, Commerce and Science, and also an Education Doctorate in Arts and science Streams. As per the Guidelines of U.G.C. We have semester system in all the fields and examinations are conducted accordingly. Our programs train our students in critical and creative thought and offer them hands – on and applied learning experiences. Our programs also offer excellent college to career and community connections for our students, while simultaneously motivating them to engage in various extra – curricular activities. Our faculty is a community of dedicated professors and teachers whose teaching prepares students for wide – ranging careers and lifelong learning. Our college magazine ‘Vataayan’ provides our students a medium to reveal their creative genius and artistic spirits to celebrate the glorious and diverse Indian traditions. Our belief DAV is more than an educational institution. It provides every students a great opportunity to achieve excellence in their respective fields. At DAV College, we ensure every student gets the best possible start to their career and become a perceptive and a responsible citizen. I wish all the students a bright and a successful career.